All animations created by Dave Sutton

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Animated pens and pencils. Gif animations

Computer graphics have taken over from these pens and pencils

animated ink potMy collection of animated pens and pencils. If you are competent with an animation editing program you actually use one of these to make an animation that writes a name, its one of the favourite animations on the internet and we have not made our version yet. I was trained in the old fashioned style of pen and ink work many years ago but computer graphics have now taken over as far as I am concerned. Good job too otherwise we would not have all these animations. Animated pens and pencils, how often are fountain pens used, when I was at school all work had to be done with one although I'm not that old that I used a quill pen. The blue pencil is the one that I use and is several years old but has not got the artist at work on the side, nice little embellishment though. The red one is the old fashioned type that you have to sharpen. Then we have the old favourite the biro, handy to have several about because you cannot guarantee that they will work at any given time.

animated pencil
animated fountain pen
animated biro
animated pencil
animated quill pen
animated permanent marker

A few additions to our collection

I hope you like the new pens. I have added an old fashioned pencil, a quill pen and a big old marker pen. Just to finish it off I added a pot of ink, you would need it if you used the fountain or quill pen.

All these animations are original, have taken me years to draw and have not been collected from any other websites or any black holes on the internet.