All animations created by Dave Sutton

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Animated Penguins, a strange collection

My penguins do the strangest things.

Penguin BiscuitI originally made a penguin for the page about Google algorithms, it took a little time to make so it made sense to animate him and make a few more animations which I have now added to this page. It struck me that you can also get a Penguin chocolate coated biscuit so I have added one here.

I have made him sitting on the loo with a Christmas hat on and several balloons in his beak, maybe it's the morning after a very enjoyable Christmas party. It's a very strange animation.

Penguins can do tricks with footballs or even a cook a decent fry up but because he is so short he needed a milk crate to boost his height.

animated penguin penguin chef spinning penguin
penguin loo Penguin and panda penguin and football
penguin cube walking penguins small penguin

Once a penguin model has been made.

Now that I have this penguin model it is possible to use it again in many different animations. The model is a pretty basic shape and not too difficult to construct in my CAD software, its the colour rendering that brings him to life and this was done in Artlantis. You can see that it is easy for me to modify it and add things like a football or make it walk around in circles with a friend so it is likely that more animated gifs with our little black and white friend will be added to this page.

I made the panda some time ago and he has been used in a variety of poses with different props and he also has a page of his own. I could always add several models together like the animated penguins, chick, monkey and teddy bear to make an interesting animation so now I have quite a collection it will be one of my next projects.