All animations created by Dave Sutton

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It's party time, grab some of my animated gifs

Let everyone know that you are having a party

Party time whistle animationHaving a party. Got the drinks balloons and party hats. Email your friends and add one of these party animations.
An invitation. A bottle of champagne, balloons, a very happy spinning monkey, a dancing teddy bear, a cube message and a whistle thing that you blow and it pops out with a feather on the end. These animations have a transparent background and can be added to blogs , webpages or even as a little extra on your computer desktop. They are all original creations and have been made by one solitary old artist with the help of my wife Dot who feeds and waters me and is truly inspirational at times.

animated party balloons
animated party invite
animated chapagne
animated party time teddy bear
party time cube
party time monkey animation
Its party time
come to my party
Party teddies

I may be getting on but still love a Party

party balloons all coloursMost of us like a party and we still do, although I'm not the party animals I used to be. When I was younger I needed very little excuse for one, be it a birthday, engagement, Christmas, New Year or just a little get together. Plenty of beer, spirits and food, a lot of laughter and happiness and at times even fancy dress. I have been a school boy a vicar and even an old tramp and Dot a school girl and a tart.
These days we have quietened down a bit and most parties we go to are family gatherings around a Barbeque in the garden. I still like the same music and Status Quo always comes top of the list. Use these animations on any sort of of web page, blog or even as a party email invitation.