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Pancake day animations, Shrove Tuesday Animated gifs

Pancakes, one of our favorites, with plenty of lemon juice and loads of sugar.

animated pancake on the plateOnce a year we celebrate Shrove Tuesday or Pancake day as we like to call it in our house. We have made some animations to celebrate this special day. Probably the only day of the year Dot make pancakes, a mixture of flour egg and milk. Fried in a little sunflower oil and served with a liberal helping of Sugar and lemon juice.
We have a 34 year old son still living at home (anyone want a lodger who pays next to nothing each week for his keep) and both him and Dot really love this simple but tasty treat. My daughter and grand daughter love pancakes as well and they are regular visitors, especially on Shrove Tuesday.

Shrove Tuesday with pancakes Pancakes Pancake day with pancakes
tossing the pancake animation animated maple syrup Pancake spinning
metal cubes Pancake pan spin

Shrove Tuesday

animated maple syrupIn our collection we have a pancake in a frying pan, a typical English pancake on a plate, some lemon juice to go with it, some American style pancakes on four sides of a cube and a bottle of maple syrup.

In England our pancakes are very similar to the French crepes and they do not rise resulting in a flat cake. Yorkshire pudding is made from a similar combination of ingredients but is baked in a really hot oven and should rise and be full of air and really crispy. It is one of Dot's specialities and she has even had neighbours come in asking her to make the mix for them.

Years ago when I was boy my mother used to make Yorkshire puddings with sultanas and raisons in and I really used to like them, but as hard as I try to convince that that this a very appetizing meal she will not try to make any like this. Maybe it is time for me in my later years to have a go myself. Sadly most of my cooking experiments do not turn out well.

Shrove Tuesday, a day that Dot and Dave look forward too because we luuuuuv pancakes. Even as children we remember the excitement on that day as our mothers cooked this very simple but tasty recipe