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Animated pagerank buttons. What is your Google PR?

We ain't very popular yet

animated light bulbGoogle page rank no longer seems to be that important but many advertisers or web sites looking to exchange links will check on the PR before contacting you. Our page rank varies in between 4 and 6 but we do not worry too much about it as our priority is to share as many of our original animations with you as possible. It is possible to game the system and link from a high ranking website to a website that an owner wants to sell and give it a better page rank. Once the site is sold the links will removed, the page rank of the sold site goes down and the link is then added to another website for sale.
Put one of our prominent page rank buttons on your website to let every one know how popular you are.

pagerank button PR1
pagerank button PR2
pagerank button PR3
pagerank button PR4
pagerank button PR5
pagerank button PR6
pagerank button PR7

Page rank and Google

Google rates your website pages on how important it thinks your web page is. The more quality incoming links the better the page rank. The age of the site does not matter. Many SEO experts are of the opinion that Google pagerank is not a very important factor in getting get good search engine placements against specific keywords for your website but it is still something webmasters are interested in. Google have said that site owners should not focus on pagerank as one of the most important metrics for them to track and removed all data relating to it from their webmaster tools.

All web pages have a page rank even if it is zero and I have found that a good page rank will encourage advertisers to put adverts on your site or propose link exchanges but that is something we do not get involved in.