All animations created by Dave Sutton

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Page loading animated buttons.

Small animated buttons to let your visitor know that your large webpage is loading

Page loading pinchTiny little page loading animations, we do not often make them as small as this but when you want to inform your visitor that a page is loading the message does not need to stand out and hit you in the face. The fact that something is happening gives the impression that the page has not frozen and that your rather large Flash file is in fact loading. We have used our new reflection technique on some of these animations and a few are basic spinning objects that we hope will be of use to you.

preloading animation page loading animated sphere spinning red and gold page loading sign spinning red and white page loading sign
page loading cube orange page loading button page loading zoom page load zoom animation

Animated gifs in Flash movies

Some would say that it is not good practice to use gif animations as preloader images in a Flash animation but the butterfly gifs in our old header used to work well. We have made some animated page loading gifs that are just a little different from those you will find on many flash pages. These buttons can also be used if you have a slow loading page and want your visitors to know that the page is actually loading. A search for “page loading gif animation script” will give you several website's that will advise you on the Java Script to use to make this work.
Have fun with our graphics and remember, you can use any animation from our website as a preloader and if you need to modify or make the image smaller there is no problem with us.