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Original and unique content animated gifs

Let your visitors know you created the content

small original content badgeWe all know that webpages with original and unique content should do a lot better in the search engine results rather than pages that have been copied from other websites. At the moment many pages with scraped content are getting better search engine placement because they have a better web presence. Maybe the Google Authorship tag on your website will help to stop this sort of thing happening but at the moment Google is having a problem to tell who is the original author of some web content.

I'm not saying that adding one of my animated original content buttons will solve this problem
but it will let the visitor know you have created the website. If the scraper copies my animation it gives you more ammunition when filing a DMCA complaint to Google.

original content button
spinning text original content
Uninique content button
spinning text button
Unique flag animation
rotating original content text
check with copyscape
original content spinning cube
original content dalek

Find out if your page has been copied

You can always paste a sentence or phrase from your website into Google to see if it finds a match or the other alternative is to go to and paste your URL into the search box and it will show you all pages that have been copied that are on the internet.

Sometimes I use existing 3D models to make new animations, in this case the only ones I used on this page are the "check with Copyscape" and the dalek original content animation. The butterfly cube is an improvement on the very simple cube animation that is very easy to modify and can be found on so many of my web pages. The rest have been made especially for this page, I just love making new models but in this particular case they will only be used for this page.