All animations created by Dave Sutton

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Animated oranges, they look good enough to eat.

You can almost taste our animated oranges so help yourselves to one

butterfly bulletYou can get fresh orange juice in bottles or cartons but the best of all is freshly squeezed orange juice. When we visit Cyprus Oranges are freely available and all the restaurants and bars have big baskets of oranges just waiting to be freshly squeezed. We have travelled behind big lorry overladen with oranges and have seen them fall off as the lorry has struggled to get up a hill. Its not at all unusual to see Orange and lemon trees outside house and the gutters full of freshly dropped fruit. We always have to chuckle when we see this and think just how much we are are charged for lemons and oranges here in the UK supermarkets.

zanimated orange
spinning badge with oranges
half orange animated
animated orange cube
half orange with oranges in background
orange cube animation


Animated oranges, some we have made a solid (or half) orange and some we have used our models like the cube or badge and added some images. The middle bottom animation I particularly like because it is using a new technique and gives a nice clean edge to the animated orange in relation to the background.