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Animated gifs about spiritualism, whatever next?

spoof psychic bannerA page inspired by John Sutton, spiritualist medium, a brother I sometimes sense is with me and is not a keen fan
of the Ouija board, crystal ball or my sense of humour. Hard luck mate, this is my take on Spiritualism.
An interesting subject. I have done some research into the spiritualist side of things because when I was younger my brother John became a well known spiritualist medium. What did I find out. There is no real hard and fast evidence that a "Spirit World" exists but some of the things I was told in some of the circles I sat in could point to the existence of such a place. It could also indicate that mind reading is also a possibility. Many mediums seemed not to give any evidence at all and were more concerned with making themselves look important. At the end of the day I think such things should be left alone.

crystal ball
quija board
Is anyone there
psychic globe animation blue
psychic animation
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The Ouija board frightens me

Is there another worldIf there is such a thing as the spirit world and you tried to use a Ouija board don't you think it would be a temptation for any passing spirit to use the board and have a little bit of fun , or even worse, frighten the life out of you. Leave communication to the so called experts, the mediums and online psychics and give the Ouija board a wide berth.