All animations created by Dave Sutton

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The 2010 Winter Olympics Animations.

Specially made animations for 2010 Vancouver Games

olympic logo

Sevenoaks Art has been around for over ten years so it has seen a few Olympic games in different places and as from 2008 we have been making the relevant animations for the relevant games. They are all original and have not been collected from other websites on the internet but made using our combination of graphics and CAD software

The 2010 games were held in Vancouver from February 18th to 28th and Canada the host nation came away with the most gold medals. The animations that we have made are our little commemoration to these winter Olympics. Every four years we try to update these pages to include the latest medals and logos for the relevant games.

bronze medal
silver medal
animated gold medal
Olympic flag

The gold silver and bronze medals, the Olympic logo and the animated flag Use them as you like but do not use them for any other collection of animated gifs on the internet.