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Beijing Olympic Games 2008. Animated gifs

Our first Olympic page

olympic logoThe 2008 Olympics Animated Olympic Logo. Animated Olympic flags and Olympic medals. Animations created by Dot and Dave. This was the beginning of our run of Olympic animations and as time goes by we try to improve on everything. With the introduction of broadband we are able to make larger and better animated gifs. Use them for your webpages blogs or presentations. As each Olympic game approaches we will try to make even better gifs for you to use. We have now made a page for the 2012 Olympics with a few more animations and better image quality. We consider ourselves lucky that it is being held in London , just a short distance from the location of Sevenoaks Art. The medals are a close likeness to those that were won at the 2008 Olympics and from left to right are bronze, silver and gold.

bronze medal animated
silver medal animated
animated gold medal
Olympic flag

The Beijing Olympic games took place from August 8th to August 24th. It was the third games that were held in Asia. Tokyo 1964 and Seoul 1988 were the other two Asian countries. China won the most gold medals and our little Great Britain came in fourth with 19 gold medals.