All animations created by Dave Sutton

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The 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics. Animated Olympic Logo, animated Olympic flags and animated Olympic medals.

sochi spinSevenoaks Art has been around for over ten years so it has seen a few Olympic games in different places. These animations relate to the Sochi Olympic games set up with all the relevant animated bronze, silver and gold medals. The games take place on 7th February to 23 February 2014 and it will be the first time the Russian Federation has hosted the Winter Olympic games. The Soviet Union hosted the 1980 Summer Olympics in 1980.

All my work is constructed in Schroff Silverscreen solid modeler and then textured in Artlantis. You can alter or modify any of our work and add it to any webpage or blog but please do not add to other collections of animated gifs, this is all my original work and I'm the only Lizzyone who wants to showcase it.

Lizzy Yarnold has won Britain's a gold medal in  the Winter Olympics in Sochi,and as she is local girl to us here in Borough green  I have made a special animation to commemorate the fact

Gold medal silver medal bronze medal
Gold medal Silver medal Bronze medal
olympic rings Olympic film strip olympic cube
Olympic Logo Winter Olympics film strip Olympic cube
Russian postage stamp Russian bank note Russian Flag
Special postage stamp Bank note Russian Flag

Sochi Olympic FlagAnimations for the 2014 Sochi Olympics, animated Gold, silver and bronze medals, a flag, postage stamp, bank note and Olympic Symbol thrown in for good measure.