All animations created by Dave Sutton

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Animated gifs for different occupations and jobs

Animations for several different professions

Cheeky MilkmanMany years ago I used to be a milkman but never showed off my gold top Channel island milk like the teddy is doing here. In fact this milk was very creamy and needed to be protected from the heat and sunshine so it was put right in the centre of the milk float and covered over to keep it fresh. In fact my gold top was always well hidden unlike the cheeky teddy here.
I work as a graphic artist now so the Artist category just had to be added. I think all other categories speak for themselves, probably not so many pirates about these days
My good friend Jimmy Tippet was the inspiration for the boxing animations, he was well known in his time in South London and the Kray twins were great supporters when he was fighting.
Some of these animations were suggested by some of our visitors , most were suggested by Dot the thinking force behind this website. If you have websites relating to any of these professions the animations could be of use to you. No copyright issues, modify them as you seem fit