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Some animated nut gifs, send some to a friend and say nuts!

So many nuts to choose from and I will make more

small animated chesnutI love nuts, peanuts, hazelnuts, brazil nuts, walnuts and just about any other nut. Peanut Brittle and peanut butter is one of my favorites. On my many visits to Cyprus, Toulla our very good Greek friend knows that I like nuts so she always has a good supply of nuts available and they are so tasty, especially with a glass of Ouzo. It seemed like a good idea to make some animated nuts. Put these gif animations on your nutty web sites and blogs knowing that you have an original nut graphic made by a nutty person from Sevenoaks. These animations have been made from my 3D CAD drawing and have had the relevant nut textures added in Artlantis, an easy to use rendering program.

Walnut gif
hazlenut gif
acorn gif
chestnut gif
peanut gif


animated walnut hazlenut animated acorn chestnut

Is acorn a nut?

I had to include my humble little Acorn in the collection as it has become the symbol of Sevenoaks Art. They say that from Little acorns mighty oaks grow but this little fellow will never grow.
I live on the outskirts of Sevenoaks in a place called Borough Green. Dot was born in Ightham a village close by which has many many cob nut orchards and even trees growing along side the lanes so a ready supply of cobnuts is always available. Nothing better than a cobnut fresh from the tree, sweet tender and Oh so tasty.
At Christmas time we also have plenty of chestnuts as they grow in abundance locally, sadly I do not have an open fire to roast them on. In time I hope to add a few more nuts to this collection. My list of things to update gets bigger every day.