All animations created by Dave Sutton

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We are not afraid animations.

We made these for the " we're not afraid " website

animated underground sign smallUse on your emails, web pages, blogs and message boards The underground animation is one I made for the website.
London 2005 had a terrorist attack. They had several coordinated suicide attacks during the morning rush hour on underground trains and a double decker bus. Many people were killed including the the terrorist bombers. The bombs used were home made and carried in rucksacks. Soon afterwards the We're not afraid website was formed and asked people to upload their we're not afraid graphics. The website soon became very famous and even made the national news. The gallery has thousands of images including our little contribution above but is no longer maintained and just remains as a reminder of the terrorist attacks in London in 2005. In 2007 the domain was allowed to lapse and some unscrupulous entrepreneur grabbed the domain and plastered it with ads. Fortunately the owner managed to get it back but this only shows what an evil and horrible place the internet can be.

we're not afraid animated underground sign
animated red bus with message on side
underground sign animation

The animated bus was a model we had made for general use but we thought that it would make a nice placeholder for the we're not afraid message. We have it as a sketchup model and it has also been included as an addition on a CD given away with a 3D modeling magazine. The underground sign was specially created for the we're not afraid website.