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No petrol animations - lets all walk - animated gifs

Even the government can cause a petrol shortage

animated buttonAt certain times, all around the world this animation could make a lot of sense Of course you can see that we are Brit's because we use the term petrol and not gasoline. On many occasions over the past few years we have had a shortage of petrol at the service stations. Sometimes due to bad weather, and we have had some really bad snow just lately stopping the tankers getting through. Sometimes due to industrial action and sometimes because of a general shortage. We are still lucky to live in the UK. Just look at some of the war torn countries, not just a shortage of petrol but just about everything else as well. This is an animation collection that will have its use when the situation arises.

wot - no petrol
petrol pump animation
sorry no petrol sign
petrol can animation
no petrol cube
no petrol stand

Is it time to get a donkey?

Over the past few years we have had a petrol shortage on several occasions. Sometimes due to strikes by the petrol tanker drivers and often by the fact that we have so much snow that the tankers cannot get to the garages
Maybe it is time to invest in a horse and Cart or even an electric car now that I have retired instead of the gas guzzler car that I have at the moment.