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Over ten years of useful information, well we think so anyway

WindmillDuring the many years of building this web site I have also added some useful information . I like to travel to the greek Islands and Cyprus, have information about some of the good services we have come across, have added links to useful information on the internet and recommended our friends blogs and websites. I have information about some of my old jobs, my treatment in Maidstone hospital and experiences as a milkman. I have a collection of sketchup models in the sketchup warehouse and have even made a few reviews. We hope this may be of interest to you.
The robin animation was made by fixing a webcam to a bird table in our garden and then converting the video file to an animated gif in Jasc animation shop. It required a fair bit of editing and cropping but we like the end result. It is one of the few animations we have made from video as most of our work is made in a CAD program and then animated but it is very possible you will see a lot more animations like this.
Our thoughts on mosquitos and Marmite has created some controversy and many people cannot believe that eating Marmite will keep the mozzies away but it does seem to work for us although just lately we have a suspicion that they are forming a resistance to the stuff, maybe the next step is to wipe it all over us.