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No parking Animations, please move on, just go away.

Just my little complaint about lack of car parking spaces

no parking animation smallOn one of my visits to Hastings I did not get a speeding ticket (It has happened)and it was so difficult to find a parking space. The car park on the front was full and no available parking could be found on the side streets. In the UK parking space is at a premium and the car parks charge exorbitant amounts. In London the charges are astronomical and to top it all you have to pay just drive through it. Even though I live out in the countryside of Kent you will find cars parking half on the road and half on the pavement to allow traffic to pass. I have made these no parking animations but how are you going to use them. Would anyone want to park on your blog or website, could they be used on a forum, possibly. Never mind, I enjoyed making them and letting off steam at the same time. Maybe the "Just go away" and "move along please" could be used if you have an unwanted visitor.

no parking at any time
Parking ticket animation
just go away animation
spinning no parking sign
spinning police hat
Move along please

Animations made by Dave

These animated symbols made by the slightly eccentric male and female team of Dot and Dave. Dave is the animator and Dot does the clerical work. We make this stuff and then give them away free. Each week we try to add something new to our website and have been doing so for over ten years. Are we eccentric or just crazy, we do not care because we are happy in our own little world of original gif animations