All animations created by Dave Sutton

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No one likes a troll or a bully

Let the bully know what you think

Monkey says stop bullyingIt's a big problem these days, on facebook, twitter and many forums you will get the trolls and horrible people who delight in bullying. Of course it would be a different matter in real life but these cowardly people will bully people from a veil of anonymity.

I'm on Google + and these people are very easy to deal with because you can very easily block them but if you need to let the trolls know just what you think of them you are welcome to use one or more of my free 3D animated gifs.

Download these animations to the hard drive of your computer and use them how you like

No trolling no trolls spin no bullying spin
warning trolls about make my day bully trolls can bugger off

Simple but effective animations

aCORN WITH GUNSThese animations have NOT been collected from the internet. They have been made here at Sevenoaks Art. Most of these are created from a very simple 3D model , had a graphic planted on the face and then rotated to make the animation.

The more complicated ones like the gun and monkey were used from existing 3D models that have been used for other animations but seem to work well here when modified.

The "No bullying" animation to the left is one of my attempts at making an animation just using Jasc animation shop and Paint Shop Pro.