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Congratulations on your new home animations

Send one of our animations to someone who has just moved into a new home

animated butterflyCongratulations on your new home animations and home sweet home animated gifs. If your friends have moved into a new house and you wish to say welcome to your new home send one of our animated gifs to them or add them to your blog or web page. Details of how to download and use our animations are available by clicking the link in our menu on the right.

home sweet home animation
new home is a mansion?
welcome to your new home
newhome cube
Congratulations card animation
congratulations on your new home.

We have moved countless times but never received an animation like this

I love my house, we live in a small village in Kent and have a four bed room semi detached. The neighbours are great and we have a small garden which is a sun trap in the summer. I loves to sit out in the sun sipping my Southern Comfort wearing just my tatty old shorts. It is not a good sight. We have moved a few times and have often received a congratulations on your new home card. This is our interpretation of that same message that you can send to anyone who has moved house. The two outside animations on the top row have used one of my favourite techniques of adjusting the light setting in Artlantis, the program he uses for rendering each frame. The middle animation top row is not my house but I expect that some lucky person lives in one just like it.