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Free Happy New year animated gifs for 2018

I would like to wish everyone a very happy new year

Teddy bear happy New YearThe year is nearly over again and it's time to celebrate the arrival of 2017. In my younger days I always had or went to a New Years party but these days I tend see the New Year in in a more sedate fashion. Maybe a bottle of wine or a glass of Ouzo as I listen to the fireworks and people cheering. Even out in the country where I live there is a fair bit of activity. I cannot forget this page because every year it needs to be updated. I have improved on it a lot since the early days fifteen years ago and the happy new year animations are a lot better, smoother and clearer.

Happy new year box New year champagne New Year toilet roll
Happy New Year badge ring in the new year happy New Year globe
auld lang syne New year blue nun Teddy bear painting New Year

It's party time beer trumpet Ring in the new year champagne for the new year party balloons New year present music New year drink Happy new year button

Happy new year animations

Party timeParty time once again.. send or post one of our Happy New year animations. The couple in the box are really seeing the New Year in in style and I had to include a bottle of champagne. Every year I update the toilet roll, the globe and the animated buttons, with a website like this and specific dates involved it has to be done.

A Happy New Year is wished to all our visitors from Dot and Dave. Use these gif animations on your blog pages, web sites, emails or wherever you like. You can always visit me on my Google plus page, It's nice to have a chat with people who use my animated stuff.