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Congratulations on the new baby animations

Original animations for people who have had an addition to the family

animated ballDidn't I have fun making this one, my grand daughter absolutely adores it with the little teddy sitting up and waving. I had to create a 3D model in a CAD package first and I have a little Teddy sitting on my desk in my study that I based this animation on. Many years ago I was a joiner so I know a little about timber constructed rocking cots. I really like this one and will try to use it in some more animations. I feel this page is a little bare (Bear LOL) and could do with some more Congratulations on your new baby animations.

new baby cube blue
new baby boy animation
congratulations on your new baby boy
new baby animated card
animated cot for baby girl
new baby cube pink

Boy or Girl, I have catered for both

Congratulations on your new baby animations using blue for a boy and pink for a girl. I did not feel that the cots needed any text added but if you are a dab hand with animation editing software feel free to modify them. If you want a really personalized message added try sending me an email and we may be able to help. I have many more animated gifs available on this website with all sorts of messages but the best collection to go with this page is probably the congratulations collection.