All animations created by Dave Sutton

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I'm a Nerd animated gifs

Stand up and be counted, Nerds of the world unite.

Are you fed up with your friends calling you a nerd, don't be sad about about it, stand up proud and shout to the world "I'm a Nurd" No longer should we be ridiculed for our hobbies and the way we live, it is time for the Nerd rebellion, we shall inherit the World.

Below is a small collection of animated gifs that you can download to your computer free of charge and you can then add them to your blogs, websites and social media sites, its very easy to add an animation to Google+, not so easy with Facebook

nerd mobile phone monkey nerd Nerd smiley
Nerd Dalek Nerd text Keep calm nerd

It's amazing what I can make using some of my existing 3D models

Nerd laptopThe only thing I have created from scratch is the 3D text that spells out Nerd. I had already made the 3D models for everything else, it was just a matter of combining them to create some of these weird and wonderful animated gifs

The Keep calm poster was very easy to create and you can do the same using some of my blank posters, they are just waiting for you to add your own special text.
Take a look at the webpage

If you are prepared to trust a Dalek you are a better man than me gunga din, even if he is a Nerd, I would fell far safer trusting my furry little monkey friend.

If you need animated gifs that have nothing to do with Nerds take a look through the drop down menus on the right, There is approximately 14 years work available with animations of many different things.