All animations created by Dave Sutton

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Naughty Teddy bear animations

They may be naughty but they are very lovable

animated strawberryHere at Sevenoaks Art we sometimes like to be a little mischievous and make naughty animations like these Teddies. They can get up to all sorts of trouble and fun including a bit of flashing, farting big flames, a little bit of pole dancing, she has used by saucepan lids as a bra, becoming a pirate or a crazy witch sailing through a mysterious looking sky or just sitting on a running washing machine just for the fun of it, its cheaper than paying for a ride at the fairground.

animated flashing teddy bear animated farting teddy bear animated pirate teddy bear
animated washing machine Kitten down trousers pole dancing teddy bear

Sometimes the teddy bears are beyond our control

male pestering female animationmy collection of teddies you always have the trouble makers. These characters did not want to wave a national flag, eat honey, play a guitar or do anything that a sweet teddy bear should do. Fred likes to put on a raincoat and get his Flash bottle out, Frank likes to light his farts and Freda do a bit of pole dancing for the boys. Black Francis is a buccaneer, Fanny is a witch and Felicity loves sitting on the washing machine. Naughty Teddies at their best (or worst)