All animations created by Dave Sutton

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Animated gifs and Logos with your national flag incorporated

Our animated 3D models have been textured with many national flags

Irish FlagThere are countless animated world flag websites and we have our collection as well, slightly different from the rest because we added an animated background .
It is possible to customise most of our animations and add the national colours and we have done this with many of the animations listed above.
With Scotland, India and Wales we have created some spinning 3D national symbols. The Teddy bear collection has many "proud to be from" animations with the bears wearing and waving the national flags. The monkeys seem to be getting involved in the same way as they are using the flags as waist bands and are now included on the same page as the teddy bears.

We have also added many things that relate to the country involved, take a look and you will see what we mean. The American, Canadian, French and British animations are very much based based on the countries national flag which has been rendered onto countless animated objects to make an interesting animated gif.
The Egyptian collection is based on Ancient Egypt and has an animated Tutankhamun, an animation that took me a couple of days to make.

We included Greek Cypriot animations because Cyprus is our second home and we have visited over twenty times, we love Ouzo, greek food, plenty of sunshine and being in the company of some very good Greek Cypriot friends, the animations reflect our time spent there.