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Animated butterflies with a national flag texture

Butterfly with Union Jack textureAn old idea, I first experimented adding national flags to butterflies may years ago but my technique has improved a little over the years and I think these are an improvement. They all have a transparent background but to get the shadow to work effectively these animations should be applied to a light colour, or light textured background.

You can see an example of these butterflies applied onto a textured background on my Google+ profile

This is the first selection of butterflies and if I get requests for other countries (Best done through my Google+ profile) they will be added at a later date

The butterfly in this paragraph is the British one.

Indian butterfly Russian textured butterfly Australian butterfly
India Russia Australia
Amrican butterfly Scottish butterfly German butterfly
USA Scotland Germany
Dominican Repulic butterfly
French butterfly Candadian butterfly
Dominican Republic France Canada

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I have even made a Brunei butterfly

Brunei butterflyI used a very similar technique making the National butterflies as I did with some of the other butterflies with shadows. To make them look more effective I drew a black border around the butterfly wing in my CAD program before rendering them in Artlantis, one frame at a time. Something I have not done previously.

Once set up the flag render can be changed, quite a laborious job as the flag proportions and placement have to be worked out accordingly. This project was not quite as easy as I first imagined it would be but that it so often the case when making animations

I hope the finished animation is to your liking