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Free animated myspace link buttons.

Why not use these animated buttons as a link to your myspace profile

smiley myspace buttonAny of the animations on Sevenoaks Art can be used on Myspace but you will not be able to copy and then paste them as I have disabled that facility, I wish I could allow you to do this but I would have to pay for the extra bandwidth used if this did happen. The best way is to save the animation to your hard drive and then upload it to a website such as Photobucket, Flickr or Picasa that allows direct linking of images. You then go to Add/Edit photos and upload like any other image. The special animations below that I created for this page can be used as myspace link buttons.

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Have fun with these free Myspace animations and link buttons, more are always being added and suggestions for new animations are always welcome.

blue button
myspace ipod
animated heart
small animated cube
myspace cube
animated bubble

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Myspace bannerAll our animations are hand made and it has taken over ten years to create this collection so far. The above examples of animated myspace buttons are just a small selection of what we have actually made and a look around our website should impress you. Have a look around our navigation bar or use the search facility to find more Copyright free animations that you can use on your Myspace pages, webpages, blogs and forums.