All animations created by Dave Sutton

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Everyone has a hero.

My selection of animated gifs

Film stripSometimes there is someone in your life who has been a an absolute hero, rescued you from a fate worse than death or simply just made life a little easier for you. I have made the animation to send to this person. It could be added to an email, posted on a forum or even added to a blog or something like Google+ which allows direct loading of animations

hero heart
My Hero Poster
Spinning hero cube
Monkey with message
Acorn is my hero
Balloons with message

All animations created here

Monkey spinning with signYou may have noticed, this is not a collection of obscure animations collected from other peoples website, they are original hero graphics made here. Many have been made using 3D models that I have created over the past 14 years and some have been specially made from scratch. They have a distinct style to them and have been made as a small embellishment to add to any webpage. They have a transparent background for use on light coloured webpages and do not take very long to download.

You can download them to your computer, there is no charge and I have no objection to any modifications being made to them. They can be easily superimposed over a graphic or photograph using one of the many online animation editors. You will not be able to copy and paste any of these animations. I have no objection if you want to make me your hero.