All animations created by Dave Sutton

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Music Animations - Guitars, violins, ipod's and more

Our Fender guitars have been customized with many different images applied

Musical animations

The drum animations have our favourite little teddy bear bashing a drum and some of our animated cubes which have photographs of drum kits on their faces. The ipod collection has several different versions of animated ipods like the animation on this page and some CD 's, musical notes and an old fashioned record. Included in the music page are acoustic guitars and slide bottle blues animations.
The Fender selection has been slowly built up over the years and we customise these with different colours, textures or logos for any rock bands that want to give us publicity on their websites in return. The original Fenders were a suggestion from Stan Laundon, musician and ex BBC presenter who I have become good friends with and he often comes up with suggestions for new animations. The violin were the most difficult animation to create because it had so many curved faces to it but after hours of 3D modeling I eventually achieved something that resembled a violin, I'm very pleased with the result. It seems a shame to have a one armed Acorn playing one of my violins but I blame that idea on Dot. She seems to think that I am about as much use as a one armed fiddler.
Scattered around this website you will find other animations where musical instruments are used, the Teddy bears, angels. monkeys and even Elvis Presley are examples.