All animations created by Dave Sutton

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Some Fender guitar animations that were requested

Modified versions, some adding a different texture, some modified

These are additions to our Guitar animation page and they have all been requested . Left to right we have a Fender rendered with the Confederate flag, a blonde fender, a squire bass and a Nashville Fender Guitar. Just let us know if you want a special animated guitar, we can add just about any image to them. I can make these animations but as much as I would love to be able to play a guitar that ability just does not exist. I am tone deaf and have no musical talents at all so I do envy any musicians that visit this web page. Lets hope that my artistic ability comes up trumps and you will have a use for my work.

confederate fender
blonde fender
Squire bass Fender
Nashville Fender

Guitar animations specially made for Stan Laundon

The original idea for Fender guitar animations came from Stan Laundon ex BBC Presenter and musician who started up his website about the same time I did and we have become good friends as we both born about the same time. I have made the Telecaster, Stratocaster and the Squire base, not an easy job to make in 3D even although these models do share some components. The good thing is once made they can easily be rendered with any image so I can easily customise a Fender Guitar to your specifications.

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