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MP expense claim animation and animated pigs

Pig animations and members of parliament, a complimentary partnership

Laughing pig animationThese animations come complete with the text. Our interpretation of some well known sayings about pigs. The first pig animation we made was the MP rolling in loads of money. The reason was that UK MP's were discovered to be making expense claims for just about anything. To our way of thinking it was excessive greed and the normal working man would never have got away with it. Even now we hear that exorbitant claims are going on. Never trust a politician. Once we had made one pig we decided to create a few more, namely pigs can fly, putting lipstick on a pig and LMAO. We have used just the one 3D pig model but in many different ways and with different props. Maybe you will not have much use for any of these but it was nice just to let off a some steam about the political system in the UK. At the least we hope that this work gives you a chuckle.

Pig with lipstick animation
animated pig in the manger
pigs can fly
animated pig spinning
animation zooming pig
animated pig spinning

The only time bad language has been used on this website, my apologies

I apologies now if I have offended anyone called Sophie, it was the first name that came into my head, but I do not apologize to any Member of Parliament that these animations may have offended. I do not make just pig animations, I have a selection of Teddy bears, monkeys, kittens, loads of butterflies and insects, spiders, fish and many other animations. Check out our drop down menu to the right. If I have not got the animation you are looking for send me an email, i may just be able to help.