All animations created by Dave Sutton

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Morphing Animations

Occasionally I like to use morphing software.

monkey morphThe morphing software I have must be fourteen years old and will only accept file name that are no longer than eight digits but it still works well.

The monkey animation is an example of how I make my animations, first created in a CAD program and then rendered to display it in full colour. To create a morph like this is extremely easy because the two images it has been made from are virtually identical apart from the rendering.

I'm on Google plus and the animated morph is very popular because it is so easy to post any sort of animation, I have made a few and posted them but my main work is 3D animations. You are always welcome to join my circle and have a chat about all aspects of animations and even life in general.

Poor old Dave morph
Morph from skeleton to normal face
How to get old in seconds
Dr Who morphing animation
Animated fish morph
flower morphing animation

Animated morphs of the animator, see him at his best and at his worst

The top three morphing animations have used photographs of myself. The first one is really a little creepy because it is a morph from a normal ( if you can call it normal ) photograph to one that has been doctored to make my face look disfigured. There is an art in making this morph and not distorting the background.

The "smoking kills" animation was a complex one to make because it meant taking individual frames from a straightforward morph and rendering onto the animated face one frame at a time, I like the effect but it took a long time to create.

The "I'm getting younger" black and white animation and those in the bottom row are straightforward morphs and some of the easier ones to make.