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Here I am riding my moped

A nice bright orange animated moped, too bad about the rider

animated mopedI'm artist and webmaster for this web site, Dot my wife is the Organiser.
I do not know why I decided to sit down and draw a moped. Maybe it is because I always used to have one and years ago when I was a milkman I used to ride to work from a remote village in Kent called Plaxtol that I used to live in. It would be very early in the morning and I would have to travel through all sorts of weather, thick snow included, to the dairy that I worked for about six miles away. Sometimes I would stop on the way and warm my hands on the engine. In those days you did not need a crash helmet and on the first day that the law required you to wear one I was stoppedDave with his helmet on very early in the morning by a couple of coppers in a police car and instructed to get a crash helmet fast. I must have been one of the first people stopped in the UK for not wearing a crash helmet

See me wearing the flying helmet I bought from ebay as I proudly cycle around the village. I have always been an artist but have had many jobs such as shop worker, Draughtsman, welder, milkman, postman, post office counter clerk, labourer, edgebander operator, machine setter, joiner, wood machinist, estimator, joinery foreman, CAD draughtsman and in between jobs did a bit of fruit picking to make ends meet.

I'm partial to a drop of Southern comfort so Dot has encouraged me to become part of the Dot Dave team to develop this website to stop me visiting the pub too often. Because I love to do anything creative this seems to have worked

Dot says I'm as much use as an ashtray on a motorbike

ashtray on a mopedEach week I have been given the unenviable job of creating something new for this website and I often rely on Dot to come up with ideas for any new animations. There is always some project going on and some animations can take weeks or even years to complete

I have been married to Dot for over thirty years and have had a very "interesting" life with her because we are both very stubborn and in our younger days were very volatile but as in many relationships we came to realize that you have to work at making things work. Sometimes Dot's idea of making things work is to hit me around the head with a giant sized frying pan, even the helmet I use for riding my moped does not soften the blow.

In the old days I used to do a lot of sketching and water colours and did a lot of work on the Google glassesdrawing board with pen and ink. When CAD made its first appearance many of my draughtsman friends were made redundant because they could not cope with the new technology. I was lucky, loved working on computers and adapted quite easily and even had one of the first home computers the ZX spectrum.
It is strange how I have decided to make loads of animated gifs, I used to think anyone who made them was a right anorak and could spend their lives doing something a lot better, maybe I should have concentrated more on my other hobbies which have been Amateur Radio, Tropical Fish, Sketching Painting and annoying Dot