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Animated months of the year

May is my favourite month

Once I get over the winter months and hit the beginning of May I really start to cheer up. It's time to get to work in the garden and I know that Summer is fast approaching. The days get longer and the Sun gets higher and I know that the winter spent creating animated gifs is over and I can sit in the garden with just a pair of shorts on, sip my ouzo or SoCo and have many a pleasant chat with Dot.
I'm very lucky to live in garden of England (Kent) and I have beautiful countryside all around me although it can be very bleak in the Winter and it is not unusual to be snowed in.

January butterfly January robin January monkey
February butterfly February robin February monkey
March butterfly March robin March Monkey
April butterfly April robin April monkey
May butterfly May robin May monkey
June butterfly June robin June monkey
July butterfly July robin July monkey
August butterfly August robin August monkey
September butterfly September robin Sept monkey
October butterfly October robin October monkey
November butterfly November robin November monkey
December butterfly December robin December monkey

I have made some Days of the week animations to match.

Animated days of the week Animated seasons

If you are looking for matching days of the week just click the link above. I have also made some very colourful animated seasons as well. In fact there is not much I have not made over the past fourteen years and have added to this website so feel free to peruse everything by checking out the menu in the right hand column