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Free 3D money animations.

Animated Euros and Dollars available by clicking links at the bottom

Short term loansNew two pound coinWe wish we could make money like we make these animations. We also have a collection of animated dollars and Euros. Sometimes we wonder how these money animations will be used, they could make great link buttons or will they be used on financial web pages and blogs. The spinning coins were made using a very simple 3D model the shape of the coin and then rendering it in Artlantis, giving it a good reflection effect, It is then a simple matter to create a rotating animation. The waving pond 50p smallnote was created using the same technique used for making our flag collection. They all have a transparent background suitable for a light colour web page. Help yourself to our animated money but don't spend it all at once

One penny animated 2p 5 pence 10 pence animation animated 20 pence
One penny Two pence Five pence Ten pence Twenty pence

 50 pence animation One pound animated Fifty pounds in mouse trap animated 10 pound note Two pound coin
Fifty pence One pound Fifty pounds? Ten pound Two pound

I need to add more notes!Penny black

Loads of 50pThe penny black stamps were made for a project on Google+, I do not have a stamp category so I added them to this page. I have made the full range of everyday English coins but there is only a ten pound note (other than the fifty pound note in the mousetrap made for another project) available at the moment. If you think I should add a five pound, twenty pound or fifty pound note (something I do not see much of these days) please let me know.