All animations created by Dave Sutton

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How to modify some of our animations

You will need Jasc animation shop or another gif animation editing program

Dave union jack
butterfly card
name tag
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Make a clown fish animation like this

complete animation

We have a clown fish animation that can be use to create a name or “sig” like this. It has a transparent background and I have broken it into two animations. One is for use as the animation behind the name or gif that you want use, in my case “Dave”.One for use in front of the name.

clownfish animation backclownfish animation front


The blank gif is for placing the name, gif or whatever you like in. It must have a transparent background. The name will have to be placed just slightly left of centre and should be no wider than “Dave”

blank image

There is a blank gif in this frame, you can always make your own 278 x 68 pixels. Once you have done this copy this frame so that you have 12 copies. I use Jasc Animation shop and I place a registration mark in each of the 3 animations at 0.0 so that when the animations are put together they all line up.

Copy all the gifs from blank over the clownback animation. Undo the “blank” animation to return the original 12 frames. Copy the clownfront animation over the blank animation. The registration point ensures everything lines up.

Add the clownfront animation to clown back animation by selecting the twelve frames and adding to the back of the clownfront animation to give you 24 frames in all and hey presto you should have a nice little animation.
If you are really a good at this there is no reason you cannot add an animation as the centre piece.

There are many animations on this site that can be modified in such a manner and you have our permission to do so.