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Animated telephones, 3D gif animations

A telephone is not the only form of communication

old telephoneHere is my collection of animated telephone, mobile ones and even an old fashioned telephone box and an ancient black one that used to be around when I was a boy. The Nockia mobile telephones were the ones I used some time ago, I then had a couple of iPhones, great little miniature computers and really and a God send when I was in Cyprus as I can could what is happening with this website, look at my emails and when I was staying up in the hills with no broadband available check the latest news on the brilliant 3G coverage Cyprus has.
As a boy I used to make my own telephones, first of all with two bean cans and a piece of string and then later on discovered that two earphones from a pair of high impedance earphones connected with twin flex would work brilliantly. Perhaps this was the beginning of my interest in Amateur radio.

nokia animation
animated mobile phone
spinning mobile phone
telephone keypad cube
telephone box
old style telephone animation

Sony Experia Z2

Sony Z2

This is my latest mobile telephone and I'm really pleased with it. The photographs that it takes are fantastic and the battery life is brilliant. Unlike the iphone you do not have to link it to itunes to download anything to it. The telephone and wi-fi reception is better than the iPhone as well.
It is slightly on the large size but extremely thin and suits me in my old age with the nice big and very clear display screen

With the latest mobile telephones it is possible to upload some of my animated gifs, something I have done so if some strange old boy approaches you and wants to show you his animations that he has on his telephone it would be a kindness if you just humour him.

This page originally started out as an animated mobile phone page but it seems to have had a few old fashioned telephones added as well so do not be surprised to see a few more antique telephones added, it is on the list of things to do.