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Michael Jackson animations

A tribute to a wonderful entertainer

abstract animationA tragic loss, I was never great fans of Michael Jackson but his music and song writing were fantastic. Now that he has gone, maybe still entertaining in another world he will be greatly missed. Forget about the stories you hear about his private life and remember and listen to the great music he made. This is my little tribute to the Peter Pan of the Pop World. These animated gifs created first in Siverscreen as 3D CAD models, exported into Artlantis and all the textures applied, rendered frame by frame and then optimized re sized and animated in Jasc Animation Shop. Some image and text preparation was created in Paint Shop Pro 8. Not an up to date selection of software but I like to think that these Michael Jackson animations are pretty good.

Michael Jackson animated gif
animated Michael Jackson flag
animated star
michael jackson cube
animated Michael Jackson name
animated cube

Michael Jackson born Aug 29th 1958 - Passed away June 25th 2009. The Peter Pan of the pop world.
"The final curtain call"

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