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Animated messages and labels. 3D animated gifs.

Who is prettier, the skeleton or the smoker?

No smokingIt was not until I created these category menus that I became aware of just how many animations we have made that are actual messages. I like to think that many have been used especially the "marry me" ones, we are a romantic old couple who still believe in such things.
The model for this no smoking animation was myself, my nickname at work was Captain, check with my profile image and you will see a likeness, difference is that I gave up smoking thirty years ago.
I think that we have covered just about every message possible and if we missed something out let us know ( Email address is on the contact link). We also customise any of the Chad "Wot no" animations and we are gradually adding more as time goes by, we have some very unusual messages written on the wall.
The toilet collection has messages on a lifting toilet seat like "Am I bovvered" "Wicked"and "Whatever" expressions our grown up kids still like to use. The lockets are very sweet and open to display messages like "Thank you" "Love you" and "best wishes" these have been very popular on some of the forums. In this collection we also have some labels, like buy now, please donate, earn money online and a whole lot more of different categories. Some of these animations have been used by students on their IT courses, they often ask our permission to use them, which is just common courtesy but we always give our permission anyway. Its nice to know that schools and colleges are using our work.