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Medical animated gifs. Call for the doctor.

These are really just fun medical animations, trust me, I'm not a doctor

an apple a dayAn apple a day keeps the doctor away, or so they say. I have white coat syndrome. I only have to sees a doctor, or Hospital and my blood pressure goes up. You would think that after all this time I would be used to medical staff but oh no, not me. I now takes my blood pressure at home to get an accurate reading and fortunately it is pretty good. My son, an eighteen stone rugby player type, tough builder and one of the lads had to have a blood test. He nearly passed out at the site of a needle and had to be supported by two nurses. I really do not like the look of that syringe either and it is only an animation.

animated syringe
animated caduceus
animated stethoscope
doctor cube
trust me I'm a doctor
x ray cube

So many medical animations that are very serious, ours are not

If you chanced upon this web page it was probably by luck rather than an easy find on a search engine.
There seems to be hundreds of very serious medical animations and you probably found this page at the bottom of the list.
The good thing is that I like making special animations like this and I always get a buzz if I find them in use on another webpage (As long as it is not another animated gif collection)

Some medical animations, an animated syringe, stethoscope and animated spinning caduceus.
The Greek symbol caduceus often used as the symbol for medicine especially in the USA.
Sometimes known as the wand of Hermes