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Marmite on toast in the morning means less mosquito bites

I honestly believe that Marmite does keep the mosquito away

Mozzie I love to visit Cyprus and have many Greek friends but the one thing that often spoils it is the amount of mosquito bites I get. On one of my visits someone suggested that a couple of slice of Marmite on toast each morning would keep the mosquitoes at bay. It sounded like rubbish but as I love Marmite I gave it a try , guess what it certainly helps, I still get the occasional bite but not as much as I used to and I have noticed that if I give my Marmite a miss and have something like Eggs bacon and fried tomatoes for breakfast I tend to get bitten a lot more. Its not a complete barrier from the mozzies but as far as I'm concerned anything that can help keep the Mosquitoes away is OK with me. At night time you cannot beat the plug in electrical repellents, spreading Marmite on the bedsheets just does not work and its extremely messy at that. So if you get bitten by the mozzies give Marmite a try, it does help if you like Marmite but if you do not, put the mosquito nets up!

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mosquito and Marmite animation marmit or vegemite

A simple Marmite pot gif animation available here


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