All animations created by Dave Sutton

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Marios who lives in Nicosia makes unusual pottery

A remarkable craftsman based in Cyprus who can make the most intricate pottery

Inside, you will explore my art, in essence a reflection of my spirit and soul, are presentation of the world through my eyes. I sense I am different yet through my art I become one with you.

Below are just a few very simple examples of Marios's pottery work, I made the animations and chose them because they were easy to make. He can make the most intricate and highly detailed and colored pottery and will spend hours just making one single article.

Cyprus pottery
pottery coaster
pottery sample

The story about Marios and his pottery

Marios was a healthy baby boy born in 1981 in Nicosia Cyprus. He was only one month old when he suffered a massive brain hemorrhage due to vitamin K deficiency in the maternal milk. His determination, discipline, patience, perseverance and incredible mind power transformed him into a person who gives great joy to those who are fortunate enough to be around him. Acceptance and specialized education can create a miracle, transforming a person with special needs into a person with special abilities as in the case of Marios. His story is a life lesson to all of us especially those who are fortunate to know him.

We always look forward to seeing the latest pottery

Over the years Marios has become a very special friend to Dot and Dave and he always looks forward to our visits to Cyprus, but not as much as we look forward to seeing him and what new pottery he has made. He speaks Greek and English and we always feel like part of his family. We feel highly honoured to be accepted into a Greek family like this and we are always on a countdown to our next visit to Cyprus.