All animations created by Dave Sutton

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3D Animated Marbles or are they animated bubbles.

The original idea was to make an animated bubble

animated butterflyThis is a real experiment with reflections in Artlantis. The 3D model for this animation is a simple sphere. In Artlantis it is possible to make the background an image of your choice. Because it is reflected in the mirror shader applied to the sphere you will get a distorted mirror image. The camera is then simply rotated around the sphere and several JPEG images rendered. In Jasc animation shop we make it into an animated gif. We like this idea, the original idea was to try and make an animated bubble but things did not work out as we had hoped. Nothing unusual in that....

tropical bubble
sky bubble
marine bubble
freshwater bubble
christmas bubble
oak bubble

This is what we ended up with

This was an experiment to try and create some animated bubbles that would reflect an underwater scene. Three of these bubbles / glass marbles have used backgrounds from my aquariums and one of course used sky. One has an oak leaf pattern and could be our trademark for Sevenoaks Art and the tiny red one has Christmas decorations. I'm fascinated by the effect achieved and would think that this sort of animation has got to be truly original.
See if you can find a use for them on your blogs or website's.