All animations created by Dave Sutton

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Male and Female symbols. Original animated gifs

Blue for male, pink for female

animated strawberryThe male and female symbol, simple graphics that have been around for years. We decided to make something different and created some animated versions of them. We will not go into detail as to what the arrow and cross represent but one of our animations shows a typical male reaction to a nice pink young lady who really is not that interested. It was quite easy to make these symbols and easy to animate. Sometimes simple is best with pink and blue being the dominant colours

Male symbol
male and female animated symbol
female symbol
animted female cube
male pestering female animation
animated male cube

Free animated symbols

These animated symbols made by the slightly eccentric male and female team of Dot and Dave. We make this stuff and then give them away free. Each week we try to add something new to our website and have been doing so for over ten years. Are we eccentric or just crazy, we do not care because we are happy in our own little world of original gif animations