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Free 3D Animated cosmetics

Luscious lips

Lip stick and luscious lipsA webpage for the girls, If the men want to use a little makeup who am I to object.
Each and every one of these animations were made from brand new 3D models that took me some time to create. Could these animations come in handy for a website about cosmetics and how to use makeup to look your best, I hope so.
You will not find these in other collections of animated gifs on the internet because I have made every one of these and stipulate that they should not be used in other online collections of animated gifs.

eye liner make up box mascara
Lipstick Makeup box spinning Lipstick swing
Nail varnish with a sparkle Makeup brush Nail varnish

If you are not sure, this is a powder puff

powder puffMaybe it looks more like a pancake but the animation on the left is supposed to be a powder puff.
Things do not always work as I expect them to but I have added it anyway.

This collection includes eye lining pencil, eye shadow, mascara, lipstick, nail varnish and a makeup brush. Have fun using your makeup, It's not something I have ever tried but I will always try something at least once so it is a possibility I may use some at some time but it would probably be for Halloween to try and improve my appearance.

All the animations on this page have a transparent background are ideal for use on a light coloured web page.