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Make animated gifs online using my work

Make name tags, avatars and compose your own graphics.

The animations on this website have been created by me and are copyright free so modify any to your heart's content.

All animations on this page have been modified using The ONLINE IMAGE EDITOR

Customized flagI have been looking for a good program that you could download to modify animated gifs. I approached a couple of software suppliers but everything came at a price. Quite by accident I discovered a website that allows you to make animated gifs online. It is also brilliant for modifying any of my work. In a matter of seconds I added my name to one of my flags.

The flag webpage is here

Add text or a message under one of my animations
Text under lady bird animation

The first thing to do after you have downloaded the animation is to make a note of the image size. Hover over the file in Windows explorer and it will give you the dimensions.
Create a canvas in the online image editor that size and write your text. Click the overlay image button and upload the animation. Position it over the text and hey presto you have a new animation.

The ladybug animation is here

Combine several animations to make one.

Monkey bandNow this is one of the best things about the online animation editor. You can easily add several of my animations together to create a new one. For this animation I created a canvas, I made it a fair big larger than really needed and then uploaded and overlayed the two monkeys. You could do this with just about anything on my website. The text was added and then the after every thing was positioned correctly I cropped the animation to suit.

Happy Birthday messages

birthday messageThis is one of the easiest animations to make online. Once you have downloaded one of my Greetings animations simply upload it to the image editor and add the text of your choice. You have a superb collection of fonts and you can make the message any size or colour.

There is the possibility to add sparkles and stars and many other little embellishments but I have concentrated on the basics.

Happy Birthday animations with space for text here

Make your own Animated names from my alphabets

animated nameI have several animated alphabets and I have made webpages giving instructions on how to make your animated names in Jasc animation software.
Compared to the image editor Jasc is quite difficult to use.

In the online image editor simply create a nice big canvas and upload each letter you want (after you have downloaded from my website) as an overlay image and then position. Once finished crop to size and even resize if the animated name is too large.

I love the simplicity of use with this and will without a doubt use this method to make any more of these animated names.
My collection of Animated alphabets can be found here

Add a name to my Perfume bottle.

dot perfume

You will find a perfume bottle that does not have a name on it on my perfume webpage.
Simply upload it to the image editor, use the text tool, select your font colour and size and position your name on the bottle. I used italic style because the bottle has been made in slight perspective.

Once you have done that simply download following the very simple instructions.

Personalize my Butterflies

butterfly sigThis is really just an excuse to show off my butterflies which are some of my favourite animations. Again it is very simple to add some text.

In this case I just uploaded the animation and then added the text but in many cases you will need to create a canvas, it does not matter if it is too large and then overlay the butterfly, add the text and then crop to size

Animated butterflies here

Animated Link buttons

butterfly buttonHandy little buttons to use on blogs that you can get other blog owners to post on their blogs.
Simply upload the animation to the online editor and add the text of your choice.
Information and more blank buttons available on the Link button webpage

Of course there is no reason this animation should only be used as a link button, I have used it to make all sorts of animations just by changing the text, it make a nice little discreet animation on any web page.

Special blank card not available on any other pages

blank cardThis little animations is most suitable to use on the make animated gifs online website. It would be a simple matter to upload it and then add the text. In fact you could actually add an animated gif onto the card but it is important to ensure that it is an eight frame animation to match this one.

You will find a few of these cards completed with text added on some of my webpages, I'm being very generous (or crazy) letting you have this one to make your own animations.

Open a window or gate to a message

animated window

You will need to use the same procedure as I used making the ladybug animation. First find the animation size of the window or gate and make a canvas the same size. Type your text message (allow space for the window frame) and then upload the window or gate animation and position it correctly.

It would also be possible to have the window opening to show a graphic or animation but that graphic would have to be re sized correctly first online, downloaded and then uploaded as an overlay.

Animated windows doors and gates here