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Maidstone Hospital Kent , exceptional Health care

Thank goodness for Maidstone hospital

As I tried to get out of bed early in one morning in Nov 2009 I suddenly found that I could hardly breathe. Dot dialled 999 and within 15 minutes a paramedic was on the scene, I was put onto oxygen, my heart was checked out and an Ambulance arrived soon after. Maidstone hospital has been in the news lately for allegedly bad service and health care so I was more than just a little apprehensive about a visit to them.

Get well soon cardWhen I arrived at the emergency centre I was immediately seen by a young and delightful female doctor who immediately tried to find out what was wrong. Blood tests, X rays, cardiogram test and finally a CT scan showed the problem, all this within a couple of hours of entering the hospital.
The diagnosis was a large clot in the centre of my lungs. (Pulmonary embolism) I immediately had an injection into my tummy and was transferred to the CCU unit where a very efficient and friendly nurse called Robert informed me that my condition was very serious and that I had to keep my movements to a minimum. From that moment on I completely forgot about the outside world, making animations and concentrated on getting better.
During my first night in the hospital I came to appreciate just how dedicated and patient the nurses are. I have never been in the presence of so many people who could do nothing but moan and abuse the nurses with language that often bordered on being racist. These nurses in my opinion are absolute angels and deserve every penny that they earn, yet they are charged to park their cars in the hospital car park.

Culpepper Ward

After a day in CCU I was transferred to Culpepper ward and had my first meeting with “nurse” Jane who immediately had me laughing. She reminded me of Julie Walters but with an evil sense of humour. I have a phobia about hospitals and needles and needless to say she helped me to try and overcome this.
All the nurses that worked in Culpepper ward during my stay were superb and had their own special way of working but every single one had the patient’s health and happiness as a priority.

I stayed in Culpepper ward for seven days and it was a very happy ward. My thanks and gratitude goes to Sandy, who calmed me down and escorted me when I had an Ultra sound scan, Teresa for her quite calm and efficient service who was so gentle with the hypodermic, Francis who kept her cool when I called her by the wrong name, Ghita, who does a very bad chicken impersonation, Di who would not let me cross my legs, Flo who probably cooks the best chicken ever, Gloria the miniature dynamo, Julie, Connie, Mary Lou, Sarah, Arlene, Elaine, Karen, Danielle, Laura and all the other nurse who looked after me.

A special mention has to go to Marcos, the Cardiologist who with his laid back Mediterranean approach can make even the most apprehensive patient (me) feel at ease.

Eight day stay in Maidstone Hospital

Medical symbbolIn the eight days I stayed in Maidstone hospital the beds were changed every day, the ward was kept absolutely spotless by a very happy and efficient cleaner called Donna and tea delivered by “ Meyhah ” a young lady from Nepal whose smile would brighten up the whole ward.

The nurses wash their hands and change the surgical gloves after each visit to a patient and because of this often suffer with sore and chapped hands. At Maidstone you will see your fair share of “ trainee doctors ” some have good bedside manners and people skills, some have a lot to learn but the advice and attention I had from these doctors could not be faulted.

So at the end of the day I can honestly say that my stay in Maidstone Hospital was a pleasant one, I have no complaints and I am now on the road to recovery. In my opinion it is the Nurses who run the Hospital with their knowledge and professionalism we would be absolutely lost without them.

Thank you Maidstone Hospital, you saved my life and are responsible for even more daft animated gifs being added to my site on a weekly basis


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