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Free Magic animated gifs.

Original animations made by the magical team of Dot and Dave

animated wand

Most of us like to see a magician at work. I can do a few magic tricks but very badly and they often go wrong. Tommy Cooper had the same problem but his tricks would go wrong on purpose and would always have us in fits of laughter. These animations suitable for a magicians website or blog. They are free, no copyright restrictions and guaranteed not to disappear when placed onto your pages, as long as you download them to your hard drive and then upload to a webpage.
I made the wand star and the magic symbol for this web page. The symbol, simple as it looks gave me problems because I built it a 3D model and had to weave the sides of the star in between each other. The card and top hat/rabbit were made from existing models we had already made. Another example of how many different animations can be made from existing 3D models that I have built up over the years

Do yourself some damage exercise
Rabbit in hat animation
ace of clubs
magic symbol animation
special magic animation
animated magic cube
magic star
money magic
magic rings

Magic moments

In our special collection I have some magic playing cards, the obligatory rabbit in the hat, my special magic animated cube, a couple of symbols, magic rings and a magic £10 note.

We love Magic at Sevenoaks Art and even went to the Paul Daniel's magic show many years ago. I have tried my hand at a few tricks but I'm not a very good magician. I'm trying to teach my grand daughter a few tricks and even at seven years old she can show me a thing or two.