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LOL Animated gifs for forums and message boards

Has something made you LOL

Laughing bearsI like to get on some forums at times and feel that these animations will be just the thing to show that you appreciate a funny posting. Of you could use them in your blogs and web pages to show that you think something is funny as well. With the Ha Ha merge I first created it as a Flash animation and then exported it as a gif. I then did the same to create the animated smile on LOL spin. This sort of LOL animation I have never tried before but if you visit this site on regular basis you will know that I love to experiment and have come a long way since the early days over ten years ago when I did not even realize you can have a transparent background to a gif animation. It's a shame that Flash movies are not as easy to implement into a web page because I have made quite a few in my time. Enjoy these original graphics and have fun especially if you use them on your forum.

Ha Ha animation
chick animation
LOL ha hah animation
LOL spinning smiley
animated bear LOL
bear and butterfly LOL
LOL American flag
LOL hearts
LOL Union Jack

ROFLMAO my animations are definitely different

LOL butterflies Some of these LOL animations have been made using letters from my alphabet selection. I like to try and make something different and if you have any good ideas you can always let me know. I use quite a few forums and some will allow you to use animations in your replies, some will only allow you to post in your original posting like Google+ and sometimes you have to link to a free image hosting websites like Picasa or Photobucket but once set up it is easy to paste that link in to the message.