All animations created by Dave Sutton

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Free 3D animated lockets with a message inside

Thank you, love you, best wishes, my valentine and marry me animated lockets

strawberry bulletA different technique used to make these. Artlantis gives a very good reflection and by applying an image onto one side of the locket it was possible to get a mirror effect on the other side. Several models had to be created in my CAD software package each showing several stages of the locket opening. They all had to be rendered in Artlantis as separate images. These images were then cropped and optimized in Jasc animation shop to make the final animation. With an animation like this you only need the first opening frames because you can copy them as a separate animation, reverse it and then add it back to the original animation.

An early experiment to get a reflection effect in the mirror back of these lockets. Something that is slightly different but has something nice to say
We are pleased that these have been used so much

best wishes locket
locket with love you
thank you locket
my valentine animation
teddy with guitar
marry me animation

Something very special

These are some special animations, something with a little style but which has something nice to say at the same time. Is this the thing to send to that special person in your life. If you are considering "popping the question" we have some animations that cover that event as well (see link below), but my advice is to get down on one knee and ask.